Venrez - Children Of The Drones - 4/5

So far, 2015 is panning out to be a fantastic year for AOR and the classic american rock sound we're all very familiar with, but throw in a successful movie producer with dreams of creating a worthy rock band into the mix and you hear the unmistakable sound of Venrez. With two well-recieved albums already released (Sell The Lie and American Illusion), and the experience of touring with the established artist; Slash, and Alice Cooper, Venrez is certainly on route to be something of a stand-out artist on the scene with new album 'Children Of The Drones'.

'Children Of Drones' is a very interesting album (to say the least). Heavy riffs and use of compression, phasers, and epic futuristic emulating effects takes Venrez in a completely different direction than most emerging artists seem to be heading towards. I'm not too sure which genre this music lends itself to, but i'm convinced that being unable to categorise this album can't be a bad thing in a genre that can be pretty saturated with emerging artists who are striving to achieve a unique sound.

Opening track, 'Hang The Predator', is an almost hypnotic contrast of dirty riffs and powerful lyrics which set the standard for the album, but this particular release also offers slightly more upbeat, melodic tracks in the form of title track 'Children Of The Drones' and 'Devils Due'. Theres something mysterious and eerie about this album, it has an array of moody sounds that creates an atmosphere all of its own. It had me intrigued from the very start, and it's safe to say that lead singer, Steve Berez, has created a fantastic album thats both captivating and mesmerising. Truly an album you should own if you're one to explore the diversity within the genre.

This album is likely to be a venture into unfamiliar territory for most, but it's something to experience because at the very least, it's a fantastic example of musical creativity, as well as being a clear indication that rock is still very much alive and kicking, and taking a fresh, innovative route to success


1. Hang the Predator

2. Children of the Drones

3. Devil’s Due

4. Salvation

5. Mist of Mercy

6. Deep

7. 20th Reason

8. Reflection

9. Spin the Top

10. Sacred Blood


Venrez-Steve BErez

Review by: Christiane Robinson