Symphony X to release 9th studio album 'Underworld' 24/07/15 via nuclear blast

A long time coming - Symphony X are back with with 9th studio album 'Underworld' Following 2011's epic 'Iconoclast', and we can not wait! 

“This new one is about the song”, begins axe wizard Michael Romeo, chief writer in the band, and possessor of The Dungeon, the tricked-out studio in which the album was crafted, newly equipped with the latest in technology required to execute the band’s famous symphonic and orchestrated touches with aplomb. “Every element added was in service of the song, so the album flows song to song and becomes a total listening experience. Every song is to-the-point and fine-tuned, with us paying a lot of attention to the hooks, voices, riffs, and keeping the interest and the energy high for the whole record, so it can be listened to start to finish. You know, industry people have talked about how we'll never see a »Sgt. Pepper's« or »Dark Side Of The Moon« again, and that idea... I wanted to defend the reputation of the album, and really try to make »Underworld« an album worth listening to as a whole album. It's what I love about »Moving Pictures« - great individual songs, but still an album experience. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching, but it was a point I wanted to make. It was about the flow of the whole record. It speeds up here and then it dips down here. It all makes sense together, it all works together and it all flows together. And that’s me, dude. - I still listen to whole records (laughs).”

To be released via Nuclear Blast - July 24th 2015.


Track Listing:

1. Overture

2. Nevermore

3. Underworld

4. Without You

5. Kiss Of Fire

6. Charon

7. Hell And Back

8. In My Darkest Hour

9. Run With The Devil

10. Swansong

11. Legend

symphony x

Line Up:

Michael Romeo - guitar

Russell Allen - vocals

Michael Pinnella - keyboards

Jason Rullo - drums

Michael Lepond - bass