Warwick/Johnson - Unplugged and Dangerous // Haverfordwest - 25.09.15


Firstly, it's important to note that this was a social outing for us!, not for review purposes... A few *gulp* drinks were had, but the night was so enjoyable, there needs to be a write-up!


Friday 25th September saw Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson, along with a loyal collective of fans take to the depths of Haverfordwest, West Wales to do a 'secret' show in the front garden of the local Hells Angels Clubhouse... Yes, really. To say it was a surreal experience is a bit of an understatement.. Let me explain.


Sat just outside the of the housed area of the Welsh 'town', the clubhouse was rife with true music fans, wanting a night of real, unplugged rock 'n' roll, and that’s exactly what we got, by the s*** load! Though the weather was bitter, fire pits, or rather, barrels set ablaze, kept us warm as we watched the first two opening acts deliver gritty acoustic rock, even through some sound issues that were had. Even at this early point of the evening, the night was something to remember, with a great friendly atmosphere, a hog roast and... well, stupidly cheap drink. Who could complain?


By the time Ricky and Damon took to the marquee, the crowd were warming up nicely and ready to sing along to some classics, drink in hand. Freezing, but on form, Damon and Ricky performed a set including some Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders favourites and also some of their solo work. With a huge back catalogue of songs to chose from, the chosen selection of songs made for an idyllic set! Amongst many great songs that can't be faulted, Damon's 'Pontiac' always stands out to me as one of the best songs in the set! I think I made this clear to everyone in attendance, as I sing it line for line! It seems that this duo get better and better with each performance, all whilst their friendship and musical bond seems to strengthen. This is evident by the following the guys have brought with them, from all corners of the UK, who are now familiar faces from meetings at previous Warwick / Johnson shows and who never fail to show support.


As the evening paced on, the crowd got more and more involved, singing Black Star Riders and Lizzy classics with pure passion! Who could resist? There's nothing to not love about these guys and these acoustic sets. They're always full of comedy, great stories and of course, music that we all know and love. You couldn't ask for more.


The night came to a close all too quickly, and was sent off in the form of a mass singalong to 'Whiskey In The Jar' and Bruce Springsteen's 'Born To Run'. By now, Warwick and Johnson are legends to everyone at the clubhouse and are wholeheartedly appreciated for their efforts to take these unplugged and dangerous shows above and beyond!


As Damon would say... The evening was truly 'BADASS' and I hope to do it all again in the not so distant future!

Reviewer: Christiane Robinson

Photographer: Darren Griffiths