The Sword: live at Manchester Academy  // September 2015

All the way from Austin, Texas, the Sword we're in the UK and ready for a superb tour, tonight, at Manchester Academy! The Venue was packed with excited fans, awaiting the band to take to the stage for a night of quality music performance. 

In what seemed so sudden, The Sword walk on stage and started playing a killer set, set off with 'Buzzards' off their most recent album 'High Country'. Though new, this particular song was instantly recognised by the crowd! A welcoming reaction, I'm sure!

The show wasn't short of new tracks, all of which got the crowd excited. On top of newer material,  they also played a few more well known singles, including the popular 'Freya' and 'Tres Brujas'. Both 'big' in deliverance.

Without any hesitation or fear, The Sword rock out for the night with their unique musical vibe. Genre-wise they are extremely difficult to define or pigeonhole. The band branch out in all sorts of directions with their music, varying from Heavy Metal, to what I'd consider to be more in the works of Hard Rock. Whichever path the band venture, the crowd will follow. It's obvious that these guys love it.

Coming to the end of the show, 'Dying earth' is played - A magical song, built by a combination of awesome riffs and rhythmic drum beats. The perfect way to end a stellar show... or so we thought.

The crowd were going nuts, wanting more and more, The Sword gave us it! Two more tracks (with a twist) were added to an already killer set. An instrumental version of 'Suffer No Fools', and then for the final 'Arrows in the Dark'. Pure music, at a high level!


Set list:

1. Buzzards.

2. Tres Brujas

3.Cloak of Feathers

4. High Country

5. The Dream thieves

6. Freya

7. The Horned Goddess

8. Empty Temples

9. Mist & Shadows

10. Hexenringe

11. Seven Sisters.

12. Lawless Lands

13. Ghost eye

14. Maiden, Mother & Crone


Dying earth:


Suffer no fools

Arrows in the Dark.     


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Base Review & Photography by: Christopher James Ryan

Article Editor: Christiane Robinson