When 2010 saw Scorpions put an 'end' to their mighty music career with 'Sting In The Tail', a release of an album in 2015 seemed nothing more than a far off dream but thankfully, it's happened. Return To Forever, the eighteenth studio album by Scorpions, is not only a celebration of 50 years of their Scorps career but possibly their best release since Blackout! 


The album is constructed of material written by the band in the 1980s, combined with some newer tracks that encapsulate the true essence of older and much loved Scorpions albums.


Matthias Jabs explains: ‘We're doing it the way we are recording albums today, but the basic ideas -- the riffs, the feel, the way they were written and arranged -- we try to keep as much from the old recordings as possible. Thirty years later no one would come up with these ideas we came up with when we were younger, so we want to keep that spirit in there.’


Return To Forever is a truly thrilling album that’s packed with fantastic punchy riffs, seamless melodies, beautifully-written ballads, and Klaus Mein's usual faultless, instantly recognisable vocals. Opening the album with a dirty blue grass guitar intro that's somewhat close to that of a ZZ Top track, 'Going Out With A Bang' is a straight shooting, classic sounding rock song that sets the album off in the exciting direction that it follows throughout the duration. Track two, 'We Built This House', is a written reminder of the bands original building blocks and ultimately, their success. With it's typical original Scorpions vibe, it's a song that gets you singing along right away, much like the following track, 'Rock My Car', which is a simple, lively, and party-worthy anthem that has all the elements of a classic Scorps song.


This album is absolutely flooded with fantastic dirty rhythms and cheesy melodies, but it also has a number of ballads that are handled perfectly by Klaus Mein's vocal control. 'House Of Cards' is a pristine example of the diverse writing that this band is able to achieve, along with similar, moving tracks 'Eye Of The Storm' and 'Gypsy Life' -- which are instant classics.


There are many highlights to this album but I find 'We Built This House', 'Catch Your Luck and Play', 'Rock My Car', and 'Rollin' Home' to be shining gems in a current sea of 'same song, different singer' releases. Return To Forever is just a pure feel good rock album that explores all four corners of the Scorps sound whilst celebrating all that the band is, in true to authentic, hard hitting style. If you're out looking to purchase a new bit of music that's got all the elements needed to sculpt a near perfect, fun, and balanced rock album, Return To Forever will be a sublime addition to your collection and an album to blast through the car speakers on a hot spring/summer 2015 day!



1. Going Out with a Bang

2. We Built This House

3. Rock My Car

4. House of Cards

5. All for One" 

6. Rock 'n' Roll Band

7. Catch Your Luck and Play

8. Rollin' Home

9. Hard Rockin' the Place

10. Eye of the Storm

11. The Scratch

12.  Gypsy Life 


Review by: Christiane Robinson