Being a twenty three year old classic rock fan has it's drawbacks. I was't around in the time of 'the golden age" of rock and metal, and as a result, the harsh reality of my age means that I've had to somewhat come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to have the opportunity to see some of these artists because is past their sell by dates in terms of their careers, and for the most part, some of the artists I consider to be legends have completely expired all together! A lifelong need of mine was to see Ritchie Blackmore pick up that Strat, just once in my lifetime, for the purpose of playing those classic Purple and Rainbow anthems that I, and many others was spoon fed (for good reason), but did I see this being a reality somewhere down the line? With the passion for Blackmore's Night that both Ritchie and his wife Candice adorn? Of course not, but I kept hoping and praying, obviously.


Eventually coming to terms that the nearest to that iconic playing I'd ever get was front row seats at a Blackmore's night concert,