Thursday 12th June saw mighty Black Country rockers, Magnum, take to the Trashed in Cardiff, South Wales in support of their latest album release, Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies.

Firstly, being a newbie to this particular venue, I was a little sceptical as to how the place would handle the audience and the sound. The quality of sound is always make or break for me, but it's pleasing to say that the Trashed has it's priorities at the heart of the venue.  

The evening swing into action with support band, Vega, taking the stage to glide seamlessly through a crowd pleasing setlist. It's evident that these guys bring an already dedicated fanbase with them... theres a sea of people singing along to ever word, and loving every moment of the Vega performance, and rightly so. This band takes the stage with bags of charisma and the talent to compliment it, lead by front man, Nick workman who maintains a high level of energy through the set, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. A particular stand-out of the whole performance was guitar player, Marcus Thurston, who consistently impressed with fluid picking and dynamic riffs that tied the songs together extremely well. Well done that man! I think it's pretty fair to say that Magnum and Vega are two worlds apart when it comes to musical styling, but in the small UK rock music scene, the fans certainly merge from sub genre to sub genre and this was never more true than at this show. Refreshing, to say the least.


Though I'd be considered a young fan amongst the masses of Magnumers, dressed in their vintage Magnum garb, there is not a more welcoming, diverse bunch of people. The mutual adoration for this band is crystal clear, and I'm yet to experience this dedication at any other show, with any other band. 

As the lights dimmed, the atmosphere and tension built. Taking the stage with the "Chase the Dragon" classic, Soldier of the Line, Magnum are in high spirit and perform this opener incredibly well as the Welsh fans roar and clap along.

The set progresses through a series of tasty tracks. With golden oldies "Vigilante",