Where to start?? Firstly, no words will truly do this show any justice. The pairing of Dan Patlansky and Joe Satriani in one evening made for incredible entertainment, and all in all, a tour that will be part of story exchanges for years to come.

Opening the evening and exhibiting just how support slots should be executed, South African Blues guitarists and man with the raspy golden voice, Dan Patlansky took to the stage and played a set that left a permanent impression. Strat in hand, Dan performed opening instrumental track 'Drone' which set the mood in a binding manner, allowing Patlansky to demonstrate his guitar playing ability to those that might not have been aware of this talent beforehand, lending a tasteful sample of what he ewas about to unleash.

Making the most of this opportunity, Dan added a welcomed variation of tracks from his small but strong back catalogue and was sure to include fan and press favourite 'Fetch Your Spade'. Though honestly, no track fell short of brilliance, 'RUN', a track from his forthcoming album completely stopped me in my tracks. Harsh vocals, killer licks and a heaviness that many other tracks backed off from, it was an all round eye opener and a song that has got me completely hooked on Dan Patalansky's music. I can't recommend this music enough, and his live performance ability just emphasises why he's a relevant talent that deserves a wealth of recognition. Taking the bull by the horns, Patlansky serves as the perfect support.

Just a short break between sets and Joe Satriani hit the Cardiff stage in full-force, making it blatantly clear why he holds the much deserved virtuoso status. Bearing a ton of personality and a somehow ego-less attitude, Joe's stage entry is met by a thundering roar from eager 'Satch' fans.

Commencing the set, latest album title track 'Shockwave Supernova' cast an idyllic atmosphere in the room and was performed in faultless fashion. Treading on the heels of 'Shockwave Supernova' was 'Flying In A Blue Dream', which gave Satriani and his guitar breathing room to bring his favoured melodic stylistic approach to the forefront, which obviously worked a treat to get the masses riled up (even more so than before). With assistance from an awe-inspiring display of every technique in the book, of which Joe wrote, it sent the crowd reaction soaring, quite literally.

There was so many instances in this evening where silence was present between Satriani's harmonic hits. The crowd were undeniably captivated by the experience. This was prevalent through the entirety of the set, and it seemed to spur on the passion and claire of Satriani and his talent. 'Crazy Joey' made such an impression, as Joe attacked the fretboard with a cheshire cat like grim upon his face, breathing in the support and adoration radiating from the crowd. A solid collection of greats were performed, with the romantic 'Always With Me, Always With You' being a complete treasure of mine. Cliche? maybe... alas, there's no reason to not be intertwined with the song's melodic movements.

This set was inarguably crafted by a collective of outstanding musicians, who as well as being the supporting structure to Satch's playing, also had opportunity to take centre stage to flaunt their personal musical blessings... no shortfall was had and it left no one pondering over why these individuals are a part of Joe's touring outfit. Completely self explanatory.

I have to question, how would the average rock music fan, or indeed, anyone absorbed some place in the music industry find the idea of a two hour guitar set? Is it a daunting task to the majority? because I can't help but feel that many would pass-up such an opportunity, to witness this sort of 'exhibition' and it's a dying shame. No words are spoken, though Joe Satriani truly makes the guitar communicate in a way which words would't express.