Joe Bonamassa // Live at radio City music Hall - 10/10

It's not very often that a masterclass of musical talent hits the scene and completely takes over in every way, shape and form, but an exception to this is Blues/Rock musician, Joe Bonamassa. It appears that his work ethic is second to none, as are his musical abilities. Does he ever slow down? It's not likely. With yet another quality live DVD and CD release in the form of 'Live At Radio City Music Hall', Joe is yet again gracing our screens and ears, Gibson guitar in hand, with an equally skilful collective of world-class musicians, The Huckleberries, accompanying him along the way, in a career-defining moment. Growing up in NYC, and frequenting at the hall, this is somewhat of a monumental moment in Joe's career. From the very early stages of this production, these songs, in true Bonamassa live form, are loaded with groove and have no lack of passion. Possibly spurred on by performing at such a venue, which is so dear to his heart.

   Photo Credit: Christie Goodwin

Photo Credit: Christie Goodwin

DVD - The earlier songs on the DVD are predominantly acoustically driven, but Bonamassa doesn't fail to make said songs dynamic and full of a wonderful energy. Opening song 'Dust Bowl' is stripped back from its original overlaying effects and has a slightly more bluegrass sound styling. This revived, acoustic version takes a route that demonstrates the intelligent approach of Joe's arrangements, whilst also exclaiming his now matured vocal capabilities. A very interesting and enjoyable take on a title track released early on in his established solo career. The songs throughout this release are all equally as stunning, and are comprised of mesmerising arrangements, but 'Still Water' takes this one step further, with Irish fiddler, Gerry O’Connor playing a stunning section which takes the song far closer to a traditional British Folk sound than you might expect from this line-up. Outstanding in all aspects. This, almost 'Celtic', theme is held through the following songs, making for a relaxed, alternative listen. Each song as strong as the next - a selection of songs that are bold in the set-list Include; 'Different Shades Of Blue', 'Black Lung Heartache' and 'Never Give All Your Heart'.


As the DVD moves from song to song, the introduction of the Les Paul is inevitable. In typical style, it's nothing short of outstanding musicianship. Any words I share will not truly do this release any justice. Whether your musical preference lays within the folk genre, blues or straight forward rock 'n' roll, you're bound to get on with 'Live from radio city music hall'.


CD - Following suit, this can't be faulted. Offering slightly more tracks than the accompanying DVD, Joe's love for the music really shines through on each and every track and makes for a superb duo-release that shouldn't be ignored. Pure, sophisticated music, at its finest.


  1. 1. I Can't Be Satisfied
  2. 2. One Less Cross To Bear
  3. 3. Living On The Moon
  4. 4. I Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues
  5. 5. Dust Bowl
  6. 6. Trouble Town  
  7. 7. Still Water     
  8. 8. Different Shades Of Blue
  9. 9. Happier Times
  10. 10. Never Give All Your Heart
  11. 11. Hidden Charms  
  12. 12. Love Ain't A Love Song
  13. 13. So, What Would I Do? 


  1. 1. Bite The Big Apple (titles)  
  2. 2. Dust Bowl
  3. 3.Trouble Town
  4. 4. Still Water     
  5. 5. Different Shades Of Blue
  6. 6. The Huckleberries - Introducing the acoustic band
  7. 7. Black Lung Heartache
  8. 8. Happier Times
  9. 9. Never Give All Your Heart
  10. 10. Hidden Charms
  11. 11. Living On The Moon
  12. 12. I Can't Be Satisfied
  13. 13. Double Trouble
  14. 14. One Less Cross To Bear     
  15. 15. Love Ain't A Love Song
  16. 16. Introducing the Electric Band
  17. 17. "Happy Birthday Mom!" 
  18. 18. I Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues
  19. 19. So, What Would I Do? 

Bonus Featurette:

1. Bite The Big Apple - (behind-the-scenes) 45 minutes


Reviewer: Christiane Robinson