Sat amongst a beautiful landscape, in the arse-end of Wales, was a collective of die-hard music fans, a line-up of the best established and up-and-coming bands in the business, and a large team of press - all eager for a weekend of complete carnage, if by carnage we mean a good drink, and respectful enjoyment of great music in it's most pure form. Yes! it's time for yet another round of HRH AOR and Hammerfest!

Known to quickly sell clean out of tickets, it's understandable how this is so. The general vibe of the festival is always second to none, flooded with passion and burning with a true community vibe... everyone is starting to recognise faces, and it's shaping into more of a heavy metal gathering than just a weekend of superb music! what's not to love?


Unfortunately, because of work schedules, we didn't hit camp until Friday afternoon! (Boo, Hiss!) but it was evident from peoples high spirits and positive words that Thursday's events were a roaring success, featuring the likes of Veronica 'The V' Freeman, The Quireboys - who are always rated extremely well by the avid HRH-goers