EP Review - “Freedumb Days” - catalyst 5 // - 8/10

A new experimental  indie punk band from Ashby de la Zouch comprised of Sam Goold on writing duties and lead vocals/lead guitar, ably accompanied by Josh Knight (backing vocals, bass and co-writer) and Jack Sampson (drums). Their aim is to bring a new wave of original Indie punk to the local music scene. Playing venues around Leicestershire, they soon developed a style that is both familiar but still very unique. All three are currently at University, studying such diverse subjects as Architecture, Music and Blacksmithing.

This was a bit of a departure from my usual listening, but I was a fan of classic punk back in the day, so thought I’d see what this “new wave” might bring us, especially as they cite The Jam, RHCP, The Clash, Green Day, Adam and the Ants, and Arctic Monkeys as their influences...

“Bomb Tray” is classic punk, straight out of the starting blocks with a sound reminiscent of early Jam or Clash. I loved it immediately, with its fast pace and catchy vocals.

“Broken Record” is not really your typical punk, but is a nice mellow follow on to the first track and shows real maturity and a promise of great songwriting to come. Hints of the RHCP influence here.

With “Personality Redundancy” we return to punk territory with a real toe-tapper that made me think of the Ramones right from the get-go.

Fourth and final track “Is this the end yet…?” has a great bass line that draws you in and a rewarding guitar solo around the 2 minute mark.

All in all, a solid debut, I feel. Definitely recalling early Jam and well worth a listen or three.

Listen Here:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1RYi6i1Sunao5F2FsRQcoY

Bandcamp: http://catalyst5.bandcamp.com/album/freedumb-days

But if you really like it, why not support a keen young band and buy the EP on iTunes for the bargain price of £3.16? You’d spend more than that on a coffee at Starbucks, so spend your money more wisely and invest it in some lovely tunes???


You can find the band’s web page at: http://www.catalyst5.co.uk/

Footnote: It’s interesting to note that neither Sam nor Josh use any FX foot pedals during their gigs, they use only guitar and amp settings. “We do own loads of effects and such like, but prefer our way, it’s not that we are anti pedals, just that we don’t use them, but never say never!”

Reviewer: Simon Mills

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