Enigmatic Troubadour The Captain Launches New Video “Another Planet”


Indie pop enigma The Captain recently released his debut video for the stunning “Another Planet” through Never Enough Notes!

Returning from a magical debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year which resulted in 4**** & 5***** star reviews for the one man show, The Captain now embarks on yet another 'first'. Created by BAFTA award winning animators 'Fettle Animation', the stunning video for “Another Planet”, displays a world of the paradigm shift between forces...'The tallest man with the skinniest features' has a plan...and where do the kids go?

Contained within the output of the video offering one witnesses the 'grand national', only this time the musical offering pays homage to us, the human race, as the runners and riders. Mr many men (aren't we all) and piaf birds, a nod to the memory of little sparrow, the voice which could drown out lions, dear Edith.

You can find a link to the video here - http://neverenoughnotes.co.uk/2015/10/nen-exclusive-see-captain-of-the-lost-waves-video-for-another-planet/

A concoction of traditional instrumentation emblazoned with slices of electronica; “Another Planet” is the debut single from mysterious musical paragon The Captain! The Captain is an intergalactic time traveller, who has existed over thousands of years. His currency is energy in which he trades stories of mirth, magic and wonder....

“Another Planet” was a musical offering inspired by a conversation about the miraculous merits of 'Blind Tom'; a musical prodigy of the time. An artistic wonder & idiot savant, between the Captain's oldest and most elusive of friends; Mr Jack Hobbs & literary wonder Mark Twain, backstage at the Orpheum theatre in Brooklyn 1888. The conversation was witnessed by a kid, Arthur Crabtree, who searched for the master & commander of not just this world but all others; full of lust, desire and bloated expectations. “Where do I start?” he pondered.

"So who is the devil? Is he real, or just another manifestation of our own shadow energies? Is he still around, and where does one find him? Is he on the TV?"

The Captain answers cryptically "He is to be found where young fertile, open minds go. The kids, the kids, the kids! The only immunity from getting caught in the net, is to translate the gentle yet coercive language of the heart! We are banking on it!” explained The Captain. The tale of Robert Johnson poured forth from The Captain's lips. "Just another version, just another re-imagining of an ancient tale, Mr Crabtree."