Inglorious - Self Titled debut // rating: 5/10

Inglorious are a band who appear to have been around for some time, having generated a lot of interest in the business already. Such exposure only serves to whet the appetite for their self titled debut album released this month.

Coming together in early 2014 and hailing from UK (with an ‘import’ in the form of a Swedish lead guitarist) the members heavily influenced by 70’s rock. This is immediately evident with Purple-esque opener ‘Until I die’. Fans of Deep Purple will appreciate the grumbling hammond, reminiscent of something straight from ‘In Rock’. From this point the Purple reference fades and we get a face melting, if somewhat formulaic riff. The production is excellent and it certainly sounds as if their wish to recreate the live studio sound of iconic 70’s rock albums has been fulfilled. The vocals are impressive and this boy (Nathan James) certainly can sing. 

‘Breakaway’ immediately ups the tempo and should have been the album opener.  It has much more energy and would have served as a better introduction to the band. ‘High Flying Gypsy’ reminds us where their influences lie and ‘Kashmir's’ its way along nicely without really being overly exciting in any way. ‘Holy Water’ is a trip into the blues and James’s vocals are eerily good on this track. Again however, the track, whilst well played and brilliantly sang, is nothing to impress. It is, just a strong blues tune. 

‘Waring’ lulls you into a false sense of slow blues insecurity but then explodes and is three and a half minutes of joy. In my opinion one of the best tracks on the album where the band show what they are capable of; more of this please guys.

‘Bleed for You’ is the albums first ballad and is another strong track. This is a great showcase of the vocal range of Mr James, its very well sang and very reminiscent of GNR (not the vocals of course!) in its structure and feeling.

‘Girl Got A Gun’ and ‘You’re Mine’ really left me with not a great deal to write. They are good straight up rock songs, but nothing new or interesting to my ears. The title track ‘Inglorious’ reawakened my enthusiast as it immediately sounds like something new and interesting. A vocal effect that drapes itself over a dark riff. The song drives on (and is the highlight of the album so far by a long way) until we are treated to a wonderful instrumental interlude. This is a great moment and this album warrants more of these dynamics.

‘Wake’ is a straight up acoustic track and the second moment on the album where we get to hear the vocalist in his finery. This is a beautiful song and will, I guarantee, be the first encore song at the upcoming shows.

We end with ‘Unaware’. A great track that again, deserves to be higher up the track listing. The keyboards have been massively lacking on this album especially considering they heralded its arrival so its nice to hear some piano start this one.

With the buzz that have surrounded this band it was an album I anticipated for several months and severely expected to be blown away. I am not. There are some good songs here. The production is great, the playing very good and the singing is at time, sensational. I do feel however that the moments of brilliance are too few and far between for this to be a mainstay on my playlist. 

Review by: Ian Dunbar