Motörhead - Bad Magic | August 28th-UDR Music/Motörhead Music | Rating: 8.5/10

Once in a while, in the deep sea of saturation, a record is released that is somewhat of an almighty "F*** Y**" to the standard form that we might consider a typical modern rock record to follow... Motörhead's 22nd studio album "Bad Magic" is just that! Never a band that dresses their music with frills and fancy so, staying true to their roots, this album doesn't divert from that, not even in the slightest. This record is no nonsense, scream your lungs out rock n roll - something a lot of us have been yearning for for what feels like a lifetime. If you're looking for your next meek and mild modern rock or metal record, this is about as far away from the mark as you'll get.


In traditional fashion, the trademark Lemmy vocals give this record the extra bit of grit it cries out for in order to produce another superb rock n roll record. Be warned, it seems that all the tracks are carved with a harsh edge, combining relentless riffs and rhythm that will undoubtedly result in 'headbanger’s neck'.


Combining sounds of previous releases and working with a fresh, live recording approach these tracks leap out and make a hefty impact. "Shoot Out All of Your Lights" has all the energy needed to be a future Motörhead staple, giving a healthy supply of "heavy" and is a great example of how this 'live' method of madness takes these tracks to another level of kickass and works wonders for this release. In the vast majority of cases, i'd crave clarity above all when it boils down to production, but somehow, it really works for “Bad Magic”.


Revving it up into the next gear (quite literally) "The Devil" is another track that has a great mix of both old school and modern Motörhead sounds and with it's fairly simplistic but striking lyrical approach, it's an instant favourite on the album and momentarily makes me feel quite a lot cooler than I actually am...


Though jam-packed with what I'd consider to be some of Motörhead's strongest material, there are a selection of tracks that lead the pack, encapsulating iconic Motörhead antics in one whole. Opening track "Victory or Die", the previously mentioned "Shoot Out All of Your Lights", "The Devil" and "Evil Eye" are possibly the most typically enjoyable Motörhead deliverances but sitting amongst these gems is a considerably more reserved song, "Till The End". Honestly, it's beautiful and really will leave a lasting impression if you're willing to embrace such a big contrast in style and sound.


A notable "hell yeah!" must go to the cover track on the album, a pretty nice alternative to The Stones' classic "Sympathy For The Devil". The original not exactly your thing? This one might work it's 'Bad Magic' on you as it flaunts the flip side of Kilmister's vocal capabilities.


I can't help but lust at the thought of future live shows as I'm sure this album, recorded in the way it was, will surely translate perfectly in a packed-out live setting. Quite difficult to class this record as anything less than intense and rather damn exciting!


Track List

1. Victory Or Die – 3.09
2. Thunder & Lightning – 3.06
3. Fire Storm Hotel – 3.35
4. Shoot Out all of Your Lights – 3.15
5. The Devil – 2.54
6. Electricity – 2.17
7. Evil Eye – 2.20
8. Teach Them How To Bleed -3.13
9. Till The End – 4.05
10. Tell Me Who To Kill – 2.57
11. Choking On Your Screams – 3.33
12. When The Sky Comes Looking For You – 2.58
13. Sympathy For The Devil* – 5.35


Review by: Christiane Robinson