Ahead of their mainstage appearance at Bloodstock Festical, Nottingham's Evil Scarecrow have unleashed a “Hurricanado” upon their fans! The free-to-download track comes complete with a dizzying music video that was shot in just one single take. With a little time to spare, Evil Scarecrow's Dr. Hell answers a quick quiz on their latest release...

Q: The free digital download and music video of Hurricanado dropped today...how has the response been so far?

A: It's been amazing! Everyone's going nuts for it, which we like.

It's one of these things, we put so much work into something like this that when we release we kind of expect this “reward”….I expect a medal! That'd be nice. Or to be put on a trophy somewhere, or maybe the BBC news...ten million views, something like that!

We get a really nice response, everyone's been sharing it, chatting about it...but I kinda still want that gold medal. I don't where I'd go to pick mine up. Argos, maybe?


Q: Do you ever worry that you'll release something that doesn't gel with your fan's expectations?

A: We did joke about that earlier actually! It's getting really good traction, about 2,000 views an hour, which is mad! It's cool, it's about what we had last time with the Space Dementia video.

It's colossal to have so many people watching this stuff, and we did joke that...rather than getting all these gold trophies, what would happen if it was the other way around, and only ten people watched it? I think we'd cry. I'd give up!

But as long as we have people doing what they're doing at the moment, it makes it all worthwhile.


Q: How long has it taken to bring “Hurricanado” from the initial writing stages to the official release?

A: Oh man, I think we wrote this around February? I can't even remember. We got down in the studio a few months ago with Russ Russel to record it. Then we had to wait for the master, to do all the script for the video...it was a really staggered approach. I'd say it's been a few months to get it all done and together in time for Bloodstock.


Q: The footage for the video was shot in a single take – what challenges did this present you with during the recording process?

A: It's a lot more knackering. We were all knackered and sweating and...passing out!

Really, all we've done is sped the footage up in bits of it. But [for these sections] we had to prep the audio track; the bits of footage that we sped up, we had to slow the audio track right down. It sounded a bit like being in a womb(!), and then we had to count ourselves down to the next bit that was at normal speed.

Even though the video is five minutes long, the actual session that we were doing was about 16 minutes. There are bits of that where we're running around at the points where the camera speeds up...it was totally exhausting!

Compared to a normal shoot which is very “stoppy-starty”, you'd do a guide track, playing along with it and then cutaways and other bits...it's a lot less physically demanding. A lot less head-scratching involved. For this, we had to do some maths! We had to work out, “if we're going to speed this up by 800%, how much do I need to reduce the track by?”. We needed to make sure the rotation of the camera didn't go out of synch as well.

It was a colossal effort, and the crew that we worked with were just amazing. While we're running around in front of the camera...what you can't see is a team of people bringing on space hoppers, taking away drum kits, bringing on smoke machines, taking off tricycles….

They were absolutely manic, and it was tough in rehearsals as well. There'd be someone in shot that shouldn't be - one of the crew stood there picking their nose or something - but the last take we did...it was a massive effort. It was mad.


Q: A: From crab claws and scuttling to slow motion dancing and a robot dance, your stage performance includes a heavy dose of crowd participation...what's on the cards with this one?

A: We're gonna have everyone stand in a cone shape and form a hurricane that's 50ft high! Something like that, that'd be cool! If we can't manage that we'll just settle with spinning, I suppose. Pretend earthquakes? Who knows! We'll probably make it up on the day...we'll wing it! Something will come out...


Q: Bloodstock isn't too far away now...how are you feeling in general at this stage?

A: We're stoked!

Our set is all pretty much from the last album apart from one track. We're trying to bring a new show this year. Bring a bit of freshness. It should be colossal. We've got bits being built and all sorts going on in the background, it should be as silly as ever! Hopefully it won't rain!


Interview by Luke Milne