It's all about Sweden rock - here's why!

So, if you're here, of course you've already seen the lengths of awesomeness that Sweden Rock has gone to, to put on yet another world class festival... right? Of course you have! Much like us, we know your jaw hit the floor when you saw that lineup, because, let's face it, it does't get much better than this!


Offering a stunning variation in style and sound, Sweden Rock have again, accumulated the best in the business and a lineup to please even the most cynical of Rock/Metal fans. Tapping into the vast array of sub-genres, if there's not one artist you like here, we'll eat our own faces in despair! 


Ok, so let's dive into this lineup and dissect it a little and throw out our favourite names in the 2016 Sweden Rock wolf pack.

Twisted Sister:

A ton of fun and pure feel-good classic anthems, why would we not love this? Known for their electric stage presence and disgustingly catchy songs, Twisted Sister will undoubtedly lift the mood and bring the community feel to any festival arena. Don't forget, this might be the last opportunity you get to see Snider in his all his glory, fronting the mighty TS. A band we would definitely soak up.



We can't say we're huge Sabaton fans at Soundclash, but we can recognise pure passion when we see it and we're fans of that, and these guys have barrels of it and are self confessed Sweden Rock lovers! Another announcement that will pull in the punters, creating that strong community feeling within the area! that's what it's all about!



Without a doubt, the best collaborative 'project' we've ever been aware of, and these guys will take some topping. Tobias Sammet's Avantasia is a musical offering like no other, and with each release, they just keep getting better, with latest release 'Ghostlights' being a stellar example of this. Bringing some of the best in the business to one stage, this will be something very special, indeed.


Symphony X:

Where to start? There's so much to say about this band... 2015 saw Symphony X come back with one an outstanding album release in the form of 'Underworld' and we can vouch for it being one of the best releases of the year... or the last few years, actually. Coming off the back of a South American tour, these guys will be on fire (not that it's ever any different). We can promise you won't be disappointed. Not heard of these guys, or more familiar with the earlier progressive sound? Don;t pre-judge, Symphony X have done a lot of adapting, a lot of experimenting and they're currently sitting on a sound that is incomparable.


Steve Vai:

Something a little different... for sure, but definitely a tasty diversion in style. Maybe a niche audience but Vai will provide the perfect side dish to lyric heavy performances and perhaps offer a small slice of 'calm'. We certainly would;t miss the opportunity to see Vai, especially at a festival where the atmosphere should be ten fold above his usual audience.



We love Accept, we love UDO, and we would't miss this. Yet to see a Diskschneider set, We'd be throwing the horns, front row and soaking it up completely, you should be too. It's pretty self explanatory.


Lita Ford:

Being a woman myself, I'd be silly to not go see this badass b***. Females in the more 'Modern' Rock/Metal sub genres just don;t do it for me, but Lita is different, Lita packs a punch like any of the guys and I'll be there to see it. Let's not forget the classics she brings to the table!


Glenn Hughes:

There's no hiding it, We're HUGE Hughes fans. His back catalogue isn;t something anyone can avoid, we've all heard and loved that voice. From his humble beginnings of 'Trapeze' to the mighty Deep purple, Hughes is the voice of some of the most iconic songs of the genre and we'll be singing along to every word! We know you will too! As well as being a staple of this festival with the endless classic songs, he's able to bring some fantastic new works from the more recent works of California Breed and Voodoo Hill. Seriously, get this set into your schedule. It's going to be fantastic (If he doesn't have a hissy fit before he hit's the stage).


The Temperance Movement:

Soundclash HQ has its fair share of TTM Fans. We're a bunch of self confessed 'Movers' and want you to join in with the fun that these guys generate with every show they play! Two albums in to a fantastic musical journey, there's no slowing these boys down and rightfully so! They're just so god damn good! Not your 'thing'? We can place a bet that frontman, Phil Campbell will at least gets  cheshire cat grin on your face as he throws his crazy shapes all over the stage.


These aren't the only ones we think are worth seeing... I mean.. GAMMA RAY! but, that kind of  list would be far too big and detailed and un-interesting to you readers, so we'll spare you. Consider this a 'We wouldn't miss these for anything, ever' sort of list.

None of our Top Picks your thing? No problem, theres so much on offer here, you'll have trouble trying to whittle down your stage schedule!