Download festival 2016 // top picks

From the legend tales of Monsters Of Rock, to the modern movement of Download, it's still pretty spectacular. This year, Download will bring a killer lineup to the rolling hills of Castle Donington.

Our 'Must See' acts of 2016:


Black Sabbath:

It goes without saying. Coming to the end of a truly astonishing career, Black Sabbath are still a band that can not be missed. With news that the band will delve into older material, heard less frequent in their live sets, this should be a wonderful experience. Think the band is past its due date? Not a chance. The vocals may be a little 'off' but you still have those bass lines and riffs to be captivated by. see you at the front!


Iron Maiden:

Another band that have a stunning recent release behind them, spurring them on. Let's remember, these guys are another name in the lost of all time classic acts and offer a back catalogue of complete golden oldies of the genre. Hit with cancer and back to being strong in the game? Maiden deserve all the support in the world, much like Sabbath.



Musicially, this band is sure to be a stand-out. Though not a fan of bands fronted by females with this sort of vocals, Floor provides an idealistic substitute to past Nightwish singers, upping their game quite a lot A band were looking forward to seeing for the first time. More clued up than us on Nightwish? Write to udon Facebook, we'd love to hear your opinions!


Rival Sons:

These guys are taking over, and they deserve it, 100%. There are so many bands trying to replicate that 70's sound and so many fail quite miserably... but somehow, these guys have hit the nail on the head. Front man, Jay Buchanan brings a Jim Morrison style performance to the stage and delivered every lyric with purpose and passion. A true entertainer and overall, a band that should never be missed.


The Temperance Movement:

Another band we never miss. Soundclash HQ is riddles with self confessed 'Movers' and when you see this band live, you won't be left wondering why. Deep Purple love 'em, Sabbath love 'em and we love 'em! Leading man, Phil Campbell will have you dancing along, whole set round as he glides across the stage, throwing his much loved shapes. An outstanding band that will bring fun and happy vibes to Donington.


Billy Talent:

Wow! A throwback to our teen years, when billy talent and 'Devil In a Midnight Mass' and 'Fallen Leaves' took over the music channels. We'll be there, purely for the nostalgia of the set, and it's bound to be the same case for so many Download-goers. We'll be the weirdos at the front, singing every work to old material.



Another classic that we swear by. Saxon never fail to create that magical community vibe' in a festival arena. These guys have been here since the early days and know how to get that crowd working. An outstanding band through and through. Again, we'll be at the front, throwing fists in the air, singing every word back to Biff and the boys!


Of course, don't write-off any band. Check out names you've not even heard of before because festivals like this are you opportunity to find that hidden gem amongst the masses! Make the most of the opportunity.