Cab Scrims | Backdrops | Amp Walls

"Fine-tune the visuals"

We are able to design and print custom banners/backdrops, in a range of sizes. The perfect finishing touch to enhance your stage presence. We can manufacture backdrops suitable for large arenas, or small bars, whatever your needs, we will do our best to fulfil your requirements. 

Please e-mail us for full details and samples

Album Artwork

You've slaved away for months making your new album, now all you need is the perfect finishing touch. We aim to create high quality album artworks from the ground, up. From Initial Sketches to final concept, you will be involved throughout. 

Focusing on the music and ideas you have, we can create stunning visuals that are both fitting and visually capturing. - Pricing and further details and samples are available on request.

Apparel Print Design

Our passion for music is continued in our love for merch design. We have over six years worth of experience in apparel print design, and have worked with a number of established brands, businesses, and musicians.  

What We Do:

  • T-shirt Design
  • T-shirt printing - (50% up front | 50% post tour - T&Cs apply)

(If you have any other requests, get in touch and we'll try and find a solution)

We also offer a buy now, pay later scheme for established artists that require bulk orders for touring purposes.

Web Design & Facebook Branding

Brand identity should be seamless throughout your social network pages, website and promotional material. We can design each element of your Facebook face from the ground up: Cover Photo, Profile Photo and a range of social media ad images.

Web Design:

We are able to design you a high quality website that is packed out with everything you need to successfully promote your band and to have a space where fans can interact with your music and shop your merchandise etc.