DeadRisen: Born in New Jersey, and masterminded and lead by Bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X , Silent Assassin) and Guitarist Rod Rivera ( Rivera Bomma ), is completed by Keyboardist Tony Stahl (Livesay, Rivera Bomma) Drummer Dan Prestup (Rivera Bomma, Midnight Eternal) and Vocalist Will Shaw (Heir Apparent) . DeadRisen was born after Rod, Mike, Tony and Dan played a show in Mexico on April 2017 as Rivera Bomma Band, accompanied by soaring vocalist, Will Shaw, filling-in for John Bomma, the original vocalist of the band.

With a superb band dynamic, and a stunning live sound, it made sense to form as a collective, and create what is now called "DeadRisen".

The band is currently in the studio, crafting their debut album, incorporating musical influences from passed eras and bringing a mix of diverse, alternative genres, with each musician bringing in their own stylistic approach. You can expect to her their debut later in the year, and we can assure you, this is something to look forward to!

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